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  MUKTESH is emerging as a leader & most valued brand in healthcare industry. We aimto seek a collaborative approach for market as we as consumers. It drives us to create innovation in product line & policies of company.
  Regular product & policy up gradation & advancement have resulted in total transformation of healthcare landscape. Muktesh has embraced these innovation so enthusiastically & becoming ahed of time in adopting innovations that are now requirements. It is Muktesh’s fundamental amendment to practice responsible business principles & continue to demonstrate them.
  Our commitment is to achieve excellence & to sustain value not in just market but in peoples’ heart. Mukteshhas always had strong values which have shaped our culture and built our reputation. Our core values are integrity, respect and excellence. We are judged not only on what we do but also on the way we do it. All that we have done and all we continue to do is voluntary and proactive .
  Board of Directors
  Dr. BankimPatel , M.D. (HOMEO)
Dr. SmitaPatel , B.H.M.S., ICRI
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